Thrive Through Disruption

Thrive Through Disruption


COVID-19: Clarity in place of confusion

It’s important for us to stay focused on what we can control and follow the science in how we respond. We will help you make more effective decisions during disruption and stay focused through the disruption.

FOCUS is a dynamic new program from the NeuroLeadership Institute delivered, for a limited time, by founder and CEO, Dr. David Rock.  Focus will help you turn down the stress of challenging times and find new, even more productive ways to work together.

The program follows the science of habit formation, helping you build the right number of habits, in the right order, using the right strategies to ensure they stick.  Each week, you’ll be part of intense, focused experiences that generate strong insights, specifically around how to be most effective during a time of uncertainty.

You’ll discover important science that explains what is happening both in the wider world and in your brain, and then focus on the few critical and most essential habits that have the biggest impact. Between the three formal sessions you’ll have an opportunity to dig deeper into the science, share ideas and learn from other smart professionals on the same journey.

If you want to thrive through this disruption, FOCUS will show you the most important habits to work on, and help you get there, one habit at a time.

Over three powerful weeks of highly interactive on-line experiences,

  • you’ll discover how to manage strong emotions during a crisis and maximize your focus in a disrupted time.
  • you’ll explore how to collaborate better with others, with a focus on the new realities of virtual work, and
  • you’ll learn how to lift the impact you have, with new ways of working smarter and faster across virtual meetings and all interactions.

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