Uudistettu Brain-based Coaching Certificate tarjoaa entistäkin vaikuttavamman oppimismatkan

Uudistettu Brain-based Coaching Certificate tarjoaa entistäkin vaikuttavamman oppimismatkan


We have partnered with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), which is the world’s largest organization of professional coaches, to formally accredit our BBCC Brain-Based Coaching Certificate® as a Level 1 program. Level 1 accreditation is a logical next step for our accreditation partnership with the ICF, which has continued already for over twenty years.

BBCC Brain-Based Coaching Certificate®

The program provides the following components towards an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential:

  • 60+ hours of coaching education
  • 10 hours of Mentor Coaching
  • Performance evaluation by a certified assessor

After our training there are just a few additional steps required to achieve the Associate Certified Coach credential:

  1. Upload your certificates of completion, which we will provide.
  2. Upload your certificate of completion for ethics training, which the ICF will provide.
  3. Pass the external ICF credentialing exam. For more information click here.
  4. Submit your client coaching experience hours. For more information click here.

Brain-Based Conversation Skills®

The BBCS Brain-Based Conversation Skills® program is also accredited for 30+ hours of coach education (ICF Continuing Education). As such, it is suitable for coaches seeking to renew or upgrade their existing ICF credentials.

In addition to your BBCS and BBCC certificates, you will also receive a digital badge from Credly Acclaim, which can be used in your email signature, marketing materials, and on LinkedIn under Education.