Webinar enrollment: Growth Mindset: Why It’s More Important Than Ever, May 5, 2022 at 13-14 (EET)


Invitation-only webinar: Growth Mindset: Why it’s More Important Than Ever

What if we told you there was a way to make your organization more resilient, while at the same time making it more inclusive?

Just about every company we talk to is prioritizing these two skills, but many are struggling to put them in place.

NLI’s two-in-one solution is the popular, if misunderstood, concept known as growth mindset – the belief that our abilities (and others’) are not fixed, but rather capable of being improved.

In this webinar you’ll learn how you can supercharge the skills of resilience and inclusivity by creating a culture of organizational growth mindset.

This invitation only webinar is for experienced People / Talent / Culture / D&I professionals. In addition to discussing our science-based point-of-view and practical experience on the topic, there will also be plenty of room for interaction between participants.


The webinar will be presented by Månna Godenhjelm, Arto Miekkavaara and Eeva-Maria Poutanen from the NeuroLeadership Institute Finland.

Arto is especially intrigued by the quirks of the brain and the mind: how seemingly small changes can have a surprisingly large positive impact on performance, learning and succeeding together.

As an executive coach Månna has seen in practice how applying brain-based methodology helps building on potential and facilitating sustainable positive change.

For years, Eeva-Maria has been interested in the essential D&I topics like power, advantage, wholeness and systemic change. She is thrilled to see that these topics are now getting more and more focus on the agendas of larger organizations.


Warm welcome!