Next Brain-based Coaching Certificate training programs will start in September

Next Brain-based Coaching Certificate training programs will start in September


The next Brain-based Coaching Certificate training programs will start in September, both in Finnish and in English.

We have been successfully delivering Brain-based Coaching programs throughout the pandemic, adjusting the delivery format according to the situation. The full day sessions have been and can be delivered either fully virtually, in a hybrid format where participants choose either f2f or virtual mode, and also normally in f2f format.

Our Brain-based Coaching programs have always had a remarkable amount of virtual elements, as chunking learning into smaller bits is beneficial for learning results. So, we have been in a good position to modify the program format as required by the pandemic.

Enroll early and get a 10% early bird discount! When two or more people enroll together in the same training program, an additional 10% discount will be applied to all those participants’ course fees.

Read more about our highly valued six-month professional coach training Brain-based Coaching Certificate. Over 16.000 participants globally. Learn to facilitate sustainable positive change and get certified as an ICF (International Coach Federation) coach.

Not ready yet to enroll to the full professional coach program? Then read more about our Brain-based Conversation Skills program that focuses on everyday coaching skills and coaching style communication. For everybody whose job requires excellent collaboration and communication skills. Virtual orientation session + three days f2f session.

“Brain-based Coaching Certificate has been by far the most impressive and influential training program of my career so far. I can use what I learned all the time, both at work and at home. I’m present, I listen and focus, and I’m able to facilitate solution-focused and productive conversations. In my role as a people development professional, I use various coaching models and e.g. tools for having insightful conversations on a daily basis. The biggest change, however, has happened in my mindset – now I know that anything is possible! I recommend this training program to anyone who wants to acquire the must-have skills for today’s working life.”
Heini Tuomola, People & Culture Professional, Gofore Oyj