Brain-based Coaching Certificate

Understand the neuroscience behind insight-driven coaching conversations, goal setting, and habit building, with BBC Brain Based Coaching®

Highly valued six-month professional coach training program. Over 20.000 participants globally. Learn to facilitate sustainable positive change and get certified as an ICF (International Coaching Federation) coach.

NeuroLeadership Institute’s Brain-Based Coaching Certificate is your opportunity to learn cutting-edge research-based tools and skills to help you effectively coach high performance, business focused individuals within the workplace or private practice. The coaching models at the core of this program draw from the hard science of how the brain works and provide practical tools to help you improve other people’s thinking and performance.

After participating in this program, you will understand the neuroscience behind insight-driven coaching conversations, goal-setting, and habit building that unlock new possibilities for robust interactions that translate into measurable results for your clients.

We will support  your learning during the program with extensive, high quality materials, with numerous coaching demonstrations, group and individual mentoring and with oral and written feedback on your own coaching conversations.

You will learn tools and techniques that are immediately applicable in real-life situations as an internal coach within an organization as well as an external professional coach – even if you do not have previous experience about coaching. If you are an experienced coach already, you will get more depth and will learn to generate even more impact in your coaching practice.

Brain-based Coaching Certificate (BBCC) program has been updated regarding its structure and contents to meet the requirements of International Coaching Federation (ICF) Level 1 accreditation. The renewed BBCC includes 60+ of coaching education, 10 hours of Mentor Coaching and a performance evaluation by a certified assessor.

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Brain-based Coaching Certificate 45 (in Finnish)

Program starts: 05.09.
Language: Finnish
Early bird -10% closing: 30.06.
Dates: F2F session 1 (2 days): 5.-6.9.2023 ... See all F2F session 1 (2 days): 5.-6.9.2023
F2F session 2 (2 days): 21.-22.9.2023
Virtual group mentoring 1: 4.10.2023
Virtual training session 1: 12.10.2023
Virtual training session 2: 26.10.2023
Virtual training session 3: 9.11.2023
Virtual training session 4: 23.11.2023
Virtual training session 5: 5.12.2023
Virtual group mentoring 2: 18.1.2024
F2F session 3 (1 day): 1.2.2024
Virtual group mentoring 3: 15.2.2024
Virtual group mentoring 4: 29.2.2024
Virtual group mentoring 5: 14.3.2024
Virtual training sessions at 10-12 (EET)
Virtual mentoring sessions group A at 10-11.30 and group B at 13-14.30 (EET)
F2F sessions at 9-17 (EET)
In addition, you need to allocate 2-3 hours between each training session for self-paced learning activities.
Trainer: Vesa Vuorinen
Final application date: 16.08.

Brain-based Coaching Certificate (BBCC) consists of two parts, Brain-based Conversation Skills and Brain-based Coaching Toolkit.

Brain-based Conversation Skills

Brain-based Conversation Skills teaches you how to have quality coaching conversations in any situation. We define coaching as “facilitating positive change by improving thinking;” a required skill for anyone in a leadership role in today’s workplace. If you’ve never coached before, you will gain a comprehensive ‘suite’ of brain-based tools to start coaching others quickly and effectively. If you’re experienced, you will sharpen your skill set and your conversations will be more brain-friendly and results driven.

During this program, you’ll learn how to facilitate positive change in others by working at the level of an individual’s thinking. You’ll learn a process that helps people move from identifying impasses to generating insights, then taking actions which lead to positive and sustainable new habits.

Brain-Based Coaching Toolkit 

Brain-Based Coaching Toolkit is about integrating the foundational skills learned in the Brain-Based Conversation Skills program. Learn how to facilitate coaching engagements over time and incorporate tools that deepen the coaching experience. You will learn cutting-edge, research-based tools and skills to help you effectively coach individuals within the workplace or private practice. The coaching models draw from the science of how the brain works and provide practical tools to help you improve other people’s thinking and performance.

After this part, you will understand the neuroscience behind insight-driven coaching conversations, goal-setting, and habit-building that unlock new possibilities for robust interactions that translate into measurable results for your clients.

Mentor Coaching and Performance Evaluation

In addition to the 60+ coach training hours, Brain-based Coaching Certifiate also includes 10 hours of mentor coaching, both group sessions and individual sessions, providing participants with regular, robust feedback to improve coaching skills. In addition, there is a final performance evaluation required by the ICF with written feedback from a NLI assessor.


Brain-based Coaching Certificate (BBCC) consist of two parts, Brain-based Conversation Skills and Brain-based Coaching Toolkit.

Part I: Brain-based Conversation Skills (2 day f2f workshop + 2 day f2f workshop)

Learning objectives:

  1. Help others generate insight, learning and new habits
  2. Integrate a brain-based coaching approach into your everyday conversations
  3. Confidently facilitate structured coaching conversations


Module 1: Introduction to coaching
Module 2: Brain-Based Communication
Module 3: Facilitate insight
Module 4: The Dance of Insight™
Module 5: Insight to Action
Module 6: Emotion Regulation
Module 7: Action to Habit
Module 8: Elements of insightful conversations

Part II: Brain-Based Coaching Toolkit (5 virtual training sessions, 5 virtual group mentoring sessions and 1 day f2f workshop)

Learning objectives:

  1. Deepen the experience of coaching through the appropriate application of tools
  2. Cultivate impactful coaching partnerships
  3. Embed the ICF core coaching competencies in your approach


Module 9: Start the Coaching Engagement
Module 10: The Neuroscience of Goals
Module 11: Optimise Focus and Capacity
Module 12: Build New Habits
Module 13: Learn through Feedback
Module 14: Make Better Decisions
Module 15: Facilitate the Journey

The best way to learn new skills is to spread the learning over a longer period of time, and have  learning sessions frequently enough. This is why our training programs typically consist of both face-to-face days and virtual training sessions. We are a forerunner of blended learning, and we have experience in carrying out thousands of virtual training sessions.

Our virtual training sessions are proper training sessions facilitated by our trainers, using a user-friendly Zoom video conference platform. The 90 minute sessions start with sharing experiences of applying the learning from the previous session and continue with focusing on new content, facilitator demos and practicing.

Compared to just having the face-to-face days, the added value of virtual training sessions is remarkable. In addition to brain-friendly chunks of learning, you will have many more opportunities to practice. This supports embedding the learning into robust applicable skills.  The participants usually also develop their virtual working skills remarkably, and are able to e.g. facilitate virtual meetings more efficiently after the program.


Our Brain-Based Coaching programs are designed to help you achieve an internationally recognized coaching credential to enable your success as a professional coach.

We have partnered with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), which is the world’s largest organization of professional coaches, to formally accredit our BBCC Brain-Based Coaching Certificate® as a Level 1 program.

The program provides the following components towards an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential:

  • 60+ hours of coaching education
  • 10 hours of Mentor Coaching
  • Performance evaluation by a certified assessor

The BBCS Brain-Based Conversation Skills® program is also accredited for 30+ ICF Continuing Education units. As such, it is suitable for coaches seeking to renew or upgrade their existing ICF credentials.

Price categories

  • 5.490€ (+ vat 24%) – your employer pays the course fee
  • 4.490€ (+ vat 24%) – you are self-employed and eligible for a vat deduction
  • 4.490€ (including vat 24%) – you pay the course fee as a private person and are not eligible for a vat deduction

Early bird and Bring your friend discounts

Early bird discount -10%. Please check out the validity of early bird pricing for each program.

When two or more people enroll together in the same training program, a 10% discount will be applied to all those participants’ course fees.

Payment options

Invoices will be sent approximately one month prior to the program start. Payment options are:

  • The whole training program as one invoice
  • First invoice 25%, the remaining 75% in five monthly installments during the program (invoicing fee of 10€ + vat 24% / monthly invoice will be added)

The venue for f2f days is HUONE in Kamppi, Helsinki.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

You can reach us

  • via email
  • via the contact form at the end of this page
  • via the web site chat box



Vesa Vuorinen

Leading from the emerging future. Optimizer of Mind and Work, Father of 3 sons, PCC (ICF), Lead Trainer and ICF Mentor.
Meet the trainer

Rachel Bamber

An expert in using powerful, brain-friendly strategies to deliver peak performance. Has trained and assessed 1000s of professionals in 6 continents. PCC (ICF), Coaching Supervisor, ICF Mentor.
Meet the trainer
Assessment Lead for Brain-based Coaching Certificate. Genuine believer in growth mindset, finding purpose and sparkle in coaching and mentoring.
Meet the trainer

I recommend Brain-based Coaching Certificate for not only future coaches, but especially for those who work in agile organizations or play key roles in creating healthy workplaces and learning organizations. Understanding the brain, human behavior, and learning in practice and through practical exercises is essential for this.

Linda Sjöblom, eCom People & Competence Lead, SOK Retail eCommerce

I recommend NeuroLeadership Institute to anyone who works with other people in a complex environment. Everyone will benefit from learning these skills. For leaders and managers, mastering these skills is a must. As a sales leader, I apply my learning every day.

Viivi Pitkänen, Head of Growth, Reaktor Education

I’ve attended NeuroLeadership Institute Finland’s six month brain-based coaching program, and that was one of the best training programs I’ve ever attended. I took the program several years ago and still use the stuff I learned pretty much every day.

Sami Honkonen, Tech Entrepreneur, CEO of Tomorrow Tech, Host of Boss Level Podcast

This program delivered on its promises in excellent fashion. A striking difference to many other programs is that here change on a personal level is facilitated and even required. It has been a life changing experience for me and I would do it again without the slightest hesitation.

Sami Semenius, Commercial Manager, Apple

The program has a solid theoretical background in neurosciences. The inspiring trainers were able to get us to both learn and apply a large variety of coaching tools. Even if I already was trained and certified as coach the program really gave me added value to my practice!

Antti-Juhani Wihuri, Mindfulness Teacher, Executive Coach, Mind at Work

The program is a fantastic combination of theory, practice and inspiration in the same package. Important know-how for leaders willing to create change.

Tiina Mikander, Head of Third Party Risk Management, Danske Bank

I can truly recommend Brain-based Coaching Certificate to anyone who wants to become a professional coach, an authentic leader or just wanting to get more out of interaction with people!

Sami Semenius, Commercial Manager, Apple